Varities in Tomato

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Two plant types are grown in India. Determinate: Inflorescence occurs in almost every internode until terminal one is formed and elongation ceases at this point. Indeterminate: Inflorescence clusters occur at every third internode and main axis continues to grow indefinitely.  For fresh market, most commonly, determinates hybrid are grown nowadays. Bacterial wilt resistant hybrids and varieties are available in the area where this problem is noticed. For summer cultivation, hybrids having tolerance to TLCV need to be chosen. Varieties/hybrids for deferent situation is given blow.

Varieties for rainfed cultivation: Pusa Ruby, Pusa Early Dwarf, Arka Vikas, Arka Meghali and PKM 1.

Varieties for processing: Pusa Gaurav, Punjab Chhuhara, Roma, Arka Ahutia and  Arka Ashish.

Bacterial Wilt Resistance (BWR) varieities: Shakthi, BT-1 & BT-10, Arka Abha, Arka Alok

Bacterial Wilt Resistance (BWR)  hybrids: Arka Abhijit, Arka Shresta and Swaraksha

TLCV resistant varieties: Hissar Anmol (H-24), Sankranthi, Nandi and Vybhav

Resistance to BWR and TLCV: Arka Ananya and NS-501

Some of the other popular hybrids with the farmer are: Abhinava, Allrounder, Rashmi,  Shaktiman, Lakshmi and US 618.


Source: Production Technology of Vegetables – A Hand Book, IIHR Bangalore

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