Pests and Diseases of Sapota

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Leaf webber
Leaf webber can be controlled by spraying Phosalone 35 EC 2 ml/lit.

Hairy caterpillars
Hairy caterpillars are effectively controlled by spraying Chloropyriphos 20 EC or Quinalphos 25EC or Phosalone 35 EC 2 ml/lit of water.

Bud worm
Spraying of Phosalone 35 EC 2 ml/lit or Phosphamidon 40 SL 2 ml/lit or Quinalphos 25EC 2 ml/lit or Carbaryl 50 WP @1 g/lit or Neem Seed Kernel Extract 5 % controls the bud worms effectively.

Sooty mould
Sooty mould can be controlled by spraying starch solution. The required concentration can be prepared by boiling 1 Kg maida or starch with 5 lit of water. After cooling, dilute the solution with 20 litres of water. Avoid spraying during cloudy weather.


Source: TNAU Agritech Portal, Tamilnadu

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